The Greenwood Education Foundation is committed to enhancing educational opportunities through engagement and collaboration of the staff, parents, and the community to promote student excellence.  We are excited to announce the 2nd annual Super Grant opportunity for staff and teachers in the Greenwood School Corporation. The application will be available on November 1, 2022, and is due February 28, 2023.  This Super Grant is and is intended to fund any wellness-based opportunity of $5,000.00 for your students irrespective of what grade or subject matter you teach.  The winner will be awarded on May 1st, 2023 and check presentation on 5/16/2023. 
Next year's theme will be "Let's Get Fit".    We are looking for exciting and innovative ways of incorporating wellness into any curriculum topic!


Applications and evaluations MUST be submitted via the online grant application and reporting form.  We are no longer accepting paper applications via interoffice mail OR as email attachments.


The online application and scoring rubric can be found here:  


Q: What is the goal of the Super Grant

A: The Super Grant is intended to be large, innovative, and able to take our school system to the next level in a certain area.  It is meant to include projects:

For which funding is not available or limited;

That are innovative, initiatives needing “seed” money to develop, or new equipment;

That are proven as valuable/worthwhile to the educational experience;

That are a priority for the school system or for the students who will benefit from them;

That benefit a large number of students, or a small number of at-risk/special population of students intensely; and

That provide a direct educational benefit, provide a benefit in terms of readiness to learn or an approach to teaching (may include staff development and/or training that would introduce enhanced techniques to the classroom).


Q: What if the funding needed is more or less than $5,000?

A: The goal of the GEF is to award $5,000.  Grant applicants are encouraged to be creative in reaching this budget (or getting as close as possible).  The award will be limited to $5,000.  Applicants with a budget exceeding $5,000 should be prepared to identify how the project can be implemented for $5,000 or additional sources of funding that will be used for implementation.


Q: Can I apply for the Super Grant each year?

A: You may apply for the Super Grant each year. Additionally, applying for the Super Grant does not preclude you from also applying for the annual fall and spring grants provided by GEF.


Q: Do I have to be a PE teacher or coach to apply?

A: You do not have to be a PE teacher or coach to apply for the Super Grant.  The Super Grant is available to all employed staff and administrators that wish to submit an application for a project with a wellness focus.  


Q: Will the Super Grant always be focused on the same thing?

A: No, the Super Grant will not always be focused on the same topics.  The 2022 super grant had a Fine Arts theme.   The GEF will choose a new theme/focus for the Super Grant each year.


Have questions on application process, reporting, or general grant questions? Contact: