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Application & Reporting Deadlines

1st Cycle:

Application due - Saturday, October 15th, 2022

Award Notification-Week of December 5th, 2022

Check Presentation - December 20th, 2022 at the school board meeting (Attendance Encouraged)

Project Implementation-Jan.-May 2023(funds must be spent)

Final Report Due - June 9th, 2023

Application & Reporting Deadlines

2nd Cycle:

Application due - March 15th, 2023

Award Notification-Week of May 1st, 2023

Project Implementation-August-December 2023 (funds must be spent)

Final Report Due - January 12th, 2024


Thanks to the generous support of our donors and community members, Greenwood Education Foundation is pleased to offer approximately $20,000 in grants each awarded cycle year via two programs:

1) Education Innovation and Excellence - GEF has limited the grant amount to $2,500.  We encourage district-wide and/or collaborative projects across schools.


2) Professional Development - Professional development grants support the growth, development, and leadership of our corporation staff.  Applicants for this funding stream must work with the Building Principal and District PD Coordinator. Funds may not be used for certifications and/or graduate credits. Grant awards in this category may cover registration fees, but may not be used for expenses related to gas, food, and hotel costs.  


All employed staff and administrators in the Greenwood Community School Corporation are encouraged to apply.

We will only accept one application per individual per school year as a project lead. If you received a grant during Grant Cycle #2 in 2022, you are not eligible to apply until Grant Cycle #2 2023.

Collaborative grants across buildings and departments are strongly encouraged (please note - there is no limit to the number of collaborative grants an applicant can be a member of).

Applications and evaluations MUST be submitted via the online grant application and reporting form.  We are no longer accepting paper applications via interoffice mail OR as email attachments.

The online application and scoring rubric is based on the following values/scoring system:


Project Title/Headline = 5 Points

Student Reach = 5 Points

Project Vision and Description = 15 Points

Learning Outcomes and Measurement for Success = 15 Points

Budget = 5 Points

Additional Materials = 5 Points

The online application and scoring rubric can be found here:




Grant applications will be anonymously reviewed by members of the Greenwood community. After said review, members of the Grants Team in conjunction with the GEF Board Chair will further review and applications with the highest scores will be presented to the Greenwood Education Foundation Board of Directors for final approval.


Failure to submit photos and final reports on or before the due date will result in loss of grant eligibility for at least one year.

Click on the link below to complete the final report

DUE 6/10/22

DUE 1/6/23


Have questions on application process, reporting, or general grant questions? Contact:

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