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Hope & Support on Wheels: A Year of Growth and Service with the GEF Cares Bus

In 2021, the Greenwood Education Foundation (GEF) launched the GEF Cares program in response to the profound impact of COVID-19 on the Greenwood community. Focused on food, clothing, and mental health assistance, this initiative quickly identified transportation as a key barrier preventing many in need from accessing essential services.

Determined to overcome this challenge, the GEF purchased a mini bus in November 2022 and dedicated the year to transforming it into a mobile support hub. Partnering with local experts SlyFox Creative, who specialize in brand management and vehicle advertising, the GEF gave the bus a dynamic new look, symbolizing hope and support on wheels.

Since hitting the streets, the GEF Cares bus has made a significant impact. Teaming up with the Greenwood Public Library and The Refuge, they've distributed free books to children, fostering a love for reading in our youngest community members. Thanks to generous donations, the GEF also provided over $7,000 worth of new winter coats to kids in need at the annual "Coats, Cuts, & Cookies" event, ensuring they stay warm during the colder months. Recognizing that haircuts are often one of the first expenses to be cut from tight family budgets, they've worked closely with Nomad Barber to offer free haircuts, helping families maintain a sense of normalcy and dignity.

As the GEF embarks on the second year of the GEF Cares bus, the team is working hard to expand services and outreach. With summer in full swing, GEF is preparing for an exciting school supply drive. Donations collected in July and August will be crucial in replenishing students' supplies in January, just when they start to run out. This effort will ensure that every student can continue their education with the tools they need to succeed.

The GEF Cares bus represents more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a beacon of hope and a symbol of our commitment to the Greenwood community. We are excited about the future and the new ways we can serve our neighbors. Your support can make a tremendous difference.

If you’re interested in supporting the GEF Cares bus, please visit or contact Tiffany Woods, GEF President, at Together, we can drive positive change and continue to make Greenwood a thriving, supportive community for all.

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